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Default Re: Ambipom coming back

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post
It's only just left, so I don't think it will be returning anytime soon. Possibly for Dawn's Grand Festival, but not before.

The only reason I think it's yet to be removed is because of the scene where each of the Pokemon are paired. If Ambipom was taken out, it would mean Buizel would be alone. That's the only plausible explanation I can think of at the moment. xD

And for those who have no idea what I'm referring to, I mean this part.:L
Then what you're saying is that when Dawn or anyone else cathes a new Pokemon... Ambipom will be cut from the opening and Buizel would have another partner, correct?

Anyways, I doubt Ambipom would come back anytime soon. Maybe later in the season, but there is still a slim chance of that happening.

Look at all the other Pokemon that were left, particularly in Ash's case. He's left many of his 'mon in safekeeping whether it be with Oak, left with another trainer, to protect other Pokemon, or left to be on its own. I don't remember any of them coming back.

As for NEP, I doubt it would become part of the anime. There's no way they'd have another 'mon to start to rival Pikachu.

On another note, if NEP evolved would the Pikachu have a notched ear as well? And what about Raichu?

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