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Default Re: Handedness of characters

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

But didn't people used to believe left-handed people were followers of the devil?

Based on this logic, I'd say the protagonists are probably right-handed, whereas the villians are left. Only rational guess I could think of.

Does this thread even promote any discussion? :s
not followers of the devil, only not favoured by God (that's the origin of the term "right hand" for important subordinates). Plus, since most people are right handed, left handed were seen as different, weird (that's the origin of the word "sinister", which meant left handed, but in english language it means creepy or weird)

Honestly I haven't paid attention to this matter. Now that I think of it, I think I remember Ash throwing Pokeball with his left hand. Then again, I'm left-handed, so I may be biased

About your discussion bit, what's to discuss about the "handedness" of a person? It's just a fact, you can't find counter prooves on it- unless the people who do the show are idiots and keep forgetting who uses which hand.

And anyway, there' the Other: Discussion for discussions.
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