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Default Re: URPG Summer Gift Station

Don't know whether I'll give any other gifts, but I did just grade one of this fairly new member's stories, and according to his wishlist he wants a certain Pokemon that I have. Also, his stats seem to show that he's mildly active, so my Pokemon will not be wasted. Here you go, AUfan:

Narcissa - Umbreon

Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Battles: 7
No TMs
Obtained: PokeMart

SotaOMG (10:05:46 PM): i think stunky is sexy
iamnotyou11 (10:05:54 PM): Soda stop being gay (10:06:03 PM): ironic statement?
I can probably take some grading requests now. But don't all rush me at once. :/
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