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Default Re: URPG Summer Gift Station

I think I might help the newer members too, but there's one person I promised a Mon already, since I didn't get a chance to give it to him last time:

Name: Fiesta
Ability: Swift Swim- This Pokemon's Speed doubles in Rauny weather
Rain Dish- During Rainy weather, this Pokemon regains 1/16 of its HP every turn
TMs/HMs: HM Surf ; HM Waterfall
BMs/MTs/SMs: n/a
Battles: 10
Obtained: "Teh Epik Adventure of Pogeyman" story, Chapter 1;
captured as a Lotad

That guy is going to my good friend Trainer17. I haven't been able to catch you on hardly at all these days, which sucks ><. Hopefully this will help to serve as a reminder of this ghost, and maybe she can help ya out in the future.

I'll have to think about my other three gifts ^^.

EDIT: All right, I've sorted out two more gifts:

Name: LeafBlaze
Ability: Overgrow- When this Pokemon's HP falls to 1/3 or less its max, the power of this Pokemon's Grass moves is increased by 50%
TMs/HMs: TM Earthquake ; TM Giga Drain ; TM Sludge Bomb ; TM Swords Dance ; TM Substitute ; TM Energy Ball ; TM Hidden Power [Ice]
BMs/MTs/SMs: BM Light Screen
Battles: 0
Obtained: Trade (Ken, received as a Venusaur)

This is going to Xalapeno, because he's a good friend of mine. *Huggle.* I wish we could talk more, I miss how much we used to chat back when I had internet ;_;. I've never used this thing once since I got it a LOOOONG time ago, so maybe you can put him to better use ^^.

Name: PsiBlaze
Ability: Pure Power- This Pokemon's Attack is doubled in battle
TMs/HMs: TM Psychic ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Light Screen ; TM Reflect ; TM Brick Break ; TM Rock Tomb ; TM Attract ; TM Bulk Up
BMs/MTs/SMs: BM Bullet Punch ; BM Fake Out ; BM Psycho Cut
Battles: 7
Obtained: Trade (Ken, received as a Medicham)

This will be going to Robert (Cipher Lord), who's one of mah best friends ^^. You and me are probably the two most Hellsing-obsessed people on this forum XD. You're a good friend and I still have my suspicions that you're only eleven >>...Anyways, I remember how much you seemed to like this girl when I let you borrow her for some tourney I don't remember XD. I don't use her, so I figured I'd give her to someone who would. Enjoy!

Finally, I looked through the Trainer Stats to find a newer Trainer to help out. What I found is that the newest Trainer is Kitsunsei, and so that's who gets my last gift. I don't know you at all, but here's hoping that you'll become a great member of the URPG. You're getting the nifty little fellow below:

Name: Strongarm
Ability: Clear Body: This Pokemon's stats cannot be lowered
TMs/HMs: n/a
BMs/SMs/MTs: n/a
Battles: 0
Obtained: Trade (iReign, received as a Beldum)

Metagross is a pretty good Pokemon, but I really don't have time to evolve yet ANOTHER Mon XD. Hopefully it'll serve you well once you get it evolved and stick some extra moves on it.

And so those are my gifts. Next time I'll give a few more Mon to newer members ^^.
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