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Default _|The Musical Composers Guild|_ (Send Us Your Demos, Get Feedback, Be Awesome)

The Musical Composers Guild

As you may have already guessed, The Musical Composers Guild (herein referred to as TMCG) is a group for those of us on Pe2k that not only love music, but take it to another level and write music ourselves. It doesn't matter the genre you write in (I happen to do piano sonatas often, but it could be metal, emo, rap, country; anything!) because the entire point of the group is for composers to share work and get feedback on things they've written.


Yes, there HAVE to be rules, and yes, they will be strictly followed with no exceptions.

1. ALL music is appreciated and treated equally.
2, No flaming music tastes or styles.
3. Give constructive criticism in as inoffensive a way as possible.
4. Don't take tips and crits personally: We are a group made for giving helpful pointers with music composition. If you don't like constructive criticism (but in a nice way! Don't worry!) then you may want to reconsider signing up.
5. No spamming.
6. General Pe2k rules apply.
7. Failure to follow these rules will result in you being banned from the group with no exceptions.

I reserve the right to change the rules or add new rules as needed, and also the the right to decide what is offensive and what isn't. If you think my ruling on something is harsh, feel free to PM me and we'll discuss. I'm always open to suggestions!

Remember, music isn't about making your pieces sound how other people want it to sound. If you prefer the way a song sounds even if someone disagrees, then don't change it! Criticism is meant to open you up to new ideas, not alter the vision you have with your music!

Sign-Up Form
Name: (Real of Pe2k; or both!)
Instruments Composed on:
Genre(s) of composition:
Links to work (not necessary):

Members List
Charbok/Austin (Piano, MIDI Instruments, Viola, Drums)
Omega Mitch/Mitch (Guitar, Vocals, Drums (Programming)
SAP/Patrick (Guitar, Drums)
Pokemon_Ron/Ron (Electric and Acoustic Guitar)
MSUK/Tyler (MIDI Instruments, Keyboard)
Painkiller/Zach (Guitar, Vocals, Drums (programming))
Gamedude/Craig (Acoustick Guitar, Elctrick Guitar, Trombone, Bairitone, Bass and somewhat banjo xD)
Finch/Dan (Guitar, Bass, Vocals (As part of a band))
Deathspector/Valmik (Vocals and guitar usually.)
RoflTacos/Sean (Bass, Guitar)
Silver Slasher (Guitar, Drums, Vocals)
Arcemegus/Carlyle (Yamaha keyboards, may mess with my acoustic guitar)
Dr. House/Vaughn (Violin)
Griff4815 (Keyboard, Bass Guitar)
karmachameleon/Jack (Guitar, Violin)
Grsspkmnmaster/Mark (All saxophones, clarinet, guitar, bass, piano)
Louise/Tobiume (Bass, Vocals)
oh hi.

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