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Default Re: URPG Summer Gift Station

Yay gifts.

Name: Al Gator
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Battles: 10
W/L/D: 7 / 3 / -
TMs/HMs: Surf, Waterfall, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse
Obtained: Pokemart

I'm giving this to Ataro. Once upon a time, Ataro was a little noob who annoyed the crap out of me. Sometimes I would get pissed, and he has taken a lot of **** from me. But Ataro just kept doing his stuff, reffed a lot, improved a lot and look at him now! Official, ref tester, most battles reffed. What I'm trying to say is Ataro has put a lot of effort into becoming a better URPG'er, so respect for that.

Gender: Female
Ability: Early Bird / Flash Fire
Battles: 0
W/L/D: - / - / -
TMs/HMs: None
Obtained: Won the Not Another Generic Tourney

This is going to my apprentice iReign, so that one day he may become a very good fire pokemon trainer! He still has a long way to go, as shown by the fact that he's currently temp banned. But I have faith in him!

"gengar is a fart" imsocorn (4:08:55): Is that your way of saying "and not a single **** was given that day" ?

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