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Default Time Glitch Can Be Fixed By Fire Red/Leaf Green!

Time Glitch Can Be Fixed By Fire Red/Leaf Green!

The time glitch, also known as the “berry glitch,” exists in the Ruby/Sapphire versions. The problem is that the game’s time will not work after a year the game has been played. This affects time related events such as berries that are growing (or not growing in this glitch’s situation). Starting the game over will not fix the problem.

In Japan, Nintendo offered a free fix at their service centers to fix the problem. In the US, the Jirachi transferred from the Bonus Disc to Ruby/Sapphire will automatically fix the problem (you get the Bonus Disc from pre-ordering Pokemon Colosseum). There is also another way to fix the problem, by using the newly released games, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green.

Using Fire Red/Leaf Green to Fix It
By using Fire Red/Leaf Green, you can link to your Ruby/Sapphire game and fix the problem that way. At the title screen of Fire Red/Leaf Green, press Select+B, and a screen will appear to prepare fixing the Ruby/Sapphire game.

Fire Red/Leaf Green just got released in Japan, and there’s still no official release date set for the US. So that method of fixing Ruby/Sapphire will have to wait for the US folks. Of course, we don’t even know if this feature will even be in the US versions, since it’s not even released here yet, but it seems likely since the US versions of Ruby/Sapphire have the same problem. For the time being, the fix on the Bonus Disc with Jirachi is the only way, while we wait for Fire Red/Leaf Green.

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