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Devil_Theory's Characters

Top Hats Are Marvelous Things: Characters

Sammael 'Sam' Elliot
Sex: Yes please ;)
Age: Seventeen
Hobbies: Driving, Smoking
Personality: Weird, too say the least.
Car: You don't really want to know what car I drive. Really. It's terrible.
Dating Status: Taken. Sorry, ladies.
Last Words?: Please, bury me with my top hat.

Terri Elliot
Sex: Female
Age: Fourteen
Hobbies: Skipping, Smoking, Drinking, Being Smart
Personality: Unlike my retarded brother, I'm quite articulate, I actually have common sense. I'll put it bluntly; top hats and Cass aren't the only two things running through my mind.
Car: I don't drive... I'm... I'm too young.
Dating Status: Single.
Last Words?: I'd rather die young and live a life of fun, then die old and not know the meaning of the word.

Michelle Elliot
Sex: Female
Age: Thirty-Six
Hobbies: Being a mother of two little devils.
Personality: I'd like to think I'm rather down to earth, and normal. I'm the normalest one in our family, at least.
Car: I drive a Mazda. Don't know anything else about it other than it's a Mazda.
Dating Status: Widowed.
Last Words?: I regret everything.

Cassandra 'Cass' Smith
Sex: With Sam? Yeah. Why not.
Age: Sixteen
Hobbies: Sammael...
Personality: A little bit less weird then Sam.
Car: Sam's car.
Dating Status: Taken. Sorry, lads.
Last Words?: Please, bury me with my Sam.