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Default Re: Quote Thread: Make a single post and store all your quotes here.


Originally Posted by Khajmer View Post
Great. Now the odds of me getting that title just jumped from astronomical to trans-dimensional. I'll see my skymin again when I shake hands with God.
Emp (12:07:25 AM): *stabs computer with a plastic knife* DIE LAG
Emp (12:18:15 AM): But omg
Emp (12:18:19 AM): Now the mouse on the screen
Emp (12:18:23 AM): Is moving by itself again
Emp (12:18:25 AM): Omg
Emp (12:18:39 AM): It's the ghost from my mom's 6th grade classroom
Emp (12:18:40 AM): ;___;
Rogue Megatron (6:05:39 PM): no, you just pull out your rod and hope something bites!
SotaOMG (9:50:37 PM): Have you ever one asked how Grovyle feels about this?
AgentGro08 (9:50:41 PM): ....
AgentGro08 (9:50:43 PM): yes
SotaOMG (9:50:43 PM): *once
SotaOMG (9:50:53 PM): And what did he say?\
AgentGro08 (9:51:01 PM): "F*ck you, soda"
Originally Posted by pikachu25king
Are you allowed to put naked pictures of pokemon as an avatar?
GreatRams (5:38:44 PM): "What's that useless skin around a v*gina called again?"
GreatRams (5:38:47 PM): "A woman."
neoslayer93 (5:48:51 PM):
LSpl0x (5:49:18 PM): wow what kind of p*ssy a** sh**
LSpl0x (5:49:19 PM): is this
neoslayer93 (5:49:46 PM): possibly pk
LSpl0x (5:49:55 PM): i lold
Originally Posted by wergugy View Post
i walk forest. i see swinub. i send out zubat, zubat gets butt kicked, zubat faint i thow rock at swinub IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE swinub has one health left i tthow poke ball.

do i get swinub???? i want swinub!!!i want mah swinub now!!!!!

gimme meh swinub!!!
Originally Posted by Stormy View Post
Dang, I sent last move to myself instead of Fierce Diety.
iamnotyou11 7:27 pm
(7:27:02 PM): Elrond blocked me cuz I told him I was to awesome to be blocked
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