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Originally Posted by ashketchum View Post
I wasn't surprised when I heard this at all. And I didn't here about it from Bulbapedia or Serebii. Anyway, on to the reason I'm not surprised. I am not surprised because after a Pokemon game is created they always tend to make a movie based on the main two Pokemon.

For example, when Crystal was made they decided to make "Pokemon 4Ever." I'm more excited they're finally doing this though, took them long enough to make another game for Johto and movie about Lugia and Ho-Oh. Seems they're doing everything right in the game and movie department. Can't wait until they drastically improve the anime.
They'd have to either make the female compainions better, get rid of Brock, or bring Misty back... Or kill off Ash. Any of the four options would be great. Especially the latter. :D
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