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Edited AGAIN, because Poppy is too lazy to update my link X.x

Silver the Hedgehog: The main hero. He's got psychic powers, but he's not telepathic.

Blaze the Cat: Silver's best friend, and a controller of fire to some extent.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik: The big cheese of the bad guys; he makes all the robots, and is responsible for Planet Freedom's transformation into Planet Robotnik. He's got an IQ of 600. He's also thin and muscular.

E-102 'Gamma': A robot in the employ of Dr. Robotnik. He views all his fights as a business assortment, and holds no resentment to those he defeats or is defeated by.

E-101 'Beta': Gamma's older 'brother'. More experienced, but he's an inferior model.

Metal Sonic 10.0: Metal Sonic from the future. He was the one who killed Sonic, and is immensely powerful. He seems to harbor resentment to everyone he meets, and is mute.

Amy: Sonic's self-appointed girlfriend with a giant hammer. She now wears a black outfit.

Tails: Sonic's best friend, and a mechanic. Likes to fly airplanes.

Knuckles: Sonic's other friend, and a hothead. Guardian of the Master Emerald, and easily tricked. Gets angry fast.

E-123 'Omega': The last of the E-100 series, and the most powerful. Friend of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Fayte the Huwing: My OC Huwing. She was created by Dr. Robotnik, and has the power of wind control.

Shade the Echidna: Knuckles cousin, thirty times removed. He's a dude, and has no spikes on his knuckles. He has no relation to the other Shade the Echidna.

New <ish> characters:

Overlord Laharl-- Demon Overlord of the Netherworld connecting all the worlds. Looks like a shrimpy ten-year-old, but is really over thirteen thousand.

Etna-- Laharl's vassal, and a Demon. She pops in often, usually with snide comments. Comes in around seventeen thousand years old.

Flonne-- Angel/Fallen Angel who is also Laharl's vassal. Major love freak, and dense.

Kurtis, 38th Defender of Earth-- Defender of Earth. A cyborg with 30% of his body left.

Captain Gordon, 37th Defender of Earth/Slayer of the Netherworld-- Forced to be Laharl's vassal, the Defender of Earth unwillingly does what he's ordered.

Thursday, the All-Purpose Super Robot-- Captain Gordon's loyal Robot companion. Agreed to stay in the Netherworld with Gordon.

Jennifer-- Captain Gordon's assistant. A genius who designed Thursday at five and got a Ph. D. in every subject at age ten. In her early twenties.

Overlord Zetta-- The most powerful of all the Overlords in the cosmos. Stuck in book form for the time being.

Pram the Oracle: A helper of Zetta. Can see the future (or so she says)

Dragon Overlord Babylon: Oldest of all the Overlords. Lost his Mana power some time ago, but still very strong. Falls asleep a lot. Massive, snake-like dragon.

Alexander, God of Destruction-- Zetta's rival. Likes to fight, but isn't very insulting.

Trenia-- A.K.A., the Sacred Tome's spirit. She knows almost everything. Easily distracted, and acts like a young stereotypical teen.

Seraph Lamington-- Leader of Celestia. A very powerful, kind-hearted Angel, said to be almost omnipotent.

Vyers, the Dark Adonis/Mid-Boss-- A joke of a Demon that is really the reincarnated King Krichevskoy. Often called 'Mid-Boss'.

Lady Salome-- Zetta's 'Beloved', though he won't admit it. A human with Mana power. She's closer to becoming a full Demon than she knows. Loves Zetta even though he won't admit an of his feelings.

Demon Overlord Prier: A Human who accidentally became a Demon after destroying too many Demons. Just goes to show how you can't just go kill Demons randomly.

Wow...that's a lot of Sonic peoples. Oh well; I think that covers it.
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