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Default Re: New pokemon saga?

Originally Posted by Mewcario View Post
Quite frankly, I would like to see the series start going back to it's roots a bit. As much as it is aimed for a younger audience, the Johto/BF/Hoenn styles were much more enjoyable for all ages than the current, corny-ish style of Galactic Battle. Also, I would like to see Max as a trainer and with Ralts as one of his pokemon (the one from 'Do I Hear a Ralts?' episode). But all in all, instead of growing up, I think they just need to calm it down a bit, maybe cut back a bit on Team Rocket appearances instead of using them as a crutch in comming up with new episode plots and challenges. Especially since TR is becomming alot less challenging. And maybe have Ash actually see through thier disguises once in a while just to throw things off a bit. Do some things that are unexpected rather than follow the same borish routine every single episode.
I liked the Original/Orange Islands/Johto/Hoenn series best [partly (but not completely) because of the original voice of Ash and others]. I preferred (and still prefer) the Johto series to the other three I mentioned for certain reasons that I am unable to grasp at this point. Actually, the BF saga was alright, but the thing I didn't like about it was the voice changes.
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