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Default Rate my emerald team?

Rate my emerald team?
Could you guys rate my team from a scale of 1-10 as 10 being the best and tell me if it's good enough to take on the battle frontier

Dragonite@quick claw- modest-
Ev's- sp.atk-252, defense-252, hp-6
Thunderbolt,dragon claw,flamethrower,ice beam

Metagross-@quick claw- brave
ev- defense-252, attack-252, defense-6
meteor mash,earthquake,sludge bomb,psychic

ev- attack-252,defense-252, sp.attack-6
Thunderbolt,thunder wave,brick break,dig

Walrein@quick claw-modest
ev-sp.atk-252, sp.defense-252,hp-6
hail,blizzard,ice beam,surf

charizard@quick claw- brave
ev-atk-252, sp. atk-252, defense-6
fire blast,earthquake,dragon claw,aerial ace

Milotic@leftovers- modest
ice beam,hydro pump,toxic,recover

would this team get me far in the battle frontier and can you guys please tell me if some other pokemon are good for the battle frontier.thanks in advance

p.s they are all level 85

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