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Default Re: New pokemon saga?

Originally Posted by Scuba Stevee View Post
And guess who they're going to met up with there? May, like they did in the first Battle Frontier with Misty.
It would probably be cooler if we got to see Max again (as an actual Trainer this time), seeing as May already made her appearance.

Originally Posted by fallen angel View Post
HELLS ya, i agree add a lil gore , a lil blood , a lil more romance some thig on da line ,no more of dat little fukn "Y7" thing on the screen instead pg14 or maybe TVMA get someting on da line (like someone gets kidnaped and ash has to save them but has to beat the elite 4 before he dose "just a Thaught" ) and make it a lil more meaningfull not jus a kid who wants to be a "master", " i mean come on " blues clues has more of a plot than that.
And think realistically, guys. Even though you may be smart enough to see through the thin disguise these guys pull and can see that it's a very childish show, let me ask you something: What did you expect?

Pokémon won't grow up with such-and-such generation of fans. It's going to be childish for a majority of its life. Why? Because it's directed at kids who are young enough to actually like this flat, boring, immature anime. There's going to be no blood or gore (what would the trusting parents think if their seven-year olds were watching red splatter fly as Pokémon are being torn limb from limb?), no romance (they'd probably consider children too young to deal with this type of thing, and would try to censor it at all costs... in fact, my brother's elementary school banned Twilight and the respective saga because nine-year-olds were too young to read it), and none of that mature stuff. Because, for about the millionth time:


Am I overreacting? Yes, probably. But what I really wish you guys would learn is that there's not going to be any of the themes you all enjoy because the seven-year-olds - those who give the companies the funding they need - would not like/understand it, and nor would their parents. I've seen this argument many times, that Pokémon needs to 'grow up' and get something more mature, but I think that everyone who posts those things just can't quite wrap their minds around the fact that it won't happen because Pokémon is just not that kind of series.

Sure, we're all more mature than that and we're still into Pokémon. But we're not the ones that those who run the show really give a rat's tail about, so all of your desires of 'Tracey comes back and his Scyther rips Pikachu into bloody smithereens while Ash and Misty make out' are just not going to happen.

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