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Default Re: Is it worth replaying?

Originally Posted by paww2k View Post
I played and completed red and yellow back when they were first released.

Recently I stumbled upon Fire Red, I just played the game up to the beating the elite four when I lost my save and was unable to continue.

I want to know how much more game play there is after beating the elite four with the new islands etc?

Is there enough to justifty me playing it all again or not?

I know its a matter of opinion but is there really that much else todo (I know theres more islands and the msytery dungeon (which I'm not fussed about as its part of the GBC games)).

I'm throughly disapointed to have replayed the original part of the game, and I am willing to do so again but only if theres some substainial play left after the elite four.

All opinions are appericated, thanks.
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Originally Posted by Vevevicamp View Post
After E4, and if you have 60 pokemon, you can talk to Oak and you will gain the National Dex. This allows you to get one of the legendary dogs (depends on which starter you selected.)

You can also go to more of the Sevii islands to catch Johto pokemon, which was a blast for me. In addition, there is a little side quest for you to do, and upon completion, you can link up with Ruby/Saphire.
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