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Default Re: New Title - DP 136! [Spoiler]

Originally Posted by Neurotic Nero View Post
I was about to make one like this, but whatever.

I can't wait for that episode!
Umm, you're kind of 7 hours late. xP

And yeah, same. I'm hoping it lasts more than a single episode, however, assuming this is the final climax.

Originally Posted by Nyurgh View Post
I am so-so. If they portray Cyrus the same way Pokemon Special does, I'm on board.
His potrayal thus far seems pretty promising, but I've not really read the newer chapters of the Pokemon Special, so I can't really compare. :P

EDIT: Hmm, a new Animation Director will be doing this episode, apparently. His name is Kazuhiko Ishii, and he was formerly a key animator on Hitman: REBORN.

Hopefully he'll be good, and not another Kinoshita/Takeda.

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