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Default Pokemon Frontier MUCK

Ever wanted to play a Pokemon MMORPG? Well, unfortunately we can't offer you that, because we'd get sued. What we CAN offer is a Pokemon themed MUCK (, a text-based rpg. We're brand new, and that means we have a lot of opportunities.

* We're based in the Kanto region, with a not-too-complicated grid.

* Team Rocket will start off as a rumor and develop into a well-known force over time.

* A blank slate in terms of history. We've just opened, so there's no complicated history to learn about before you jump in, and in fact, you get to help make our history.

* Players and staff will run plots and events.

* A flexible point system that allows you to start with or play as almost any pokemon right from the get-go.

We love new players so join us at 9193 . We hope to see you there!

If you have questions please contact us at pokemonfrontiermuck at gmail dot com
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