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Default Re: New pokemon saga?

Originally Posted by Dari Metsuki View Post
Pokémon Special is awesome! If they made that into a series, it might get rid of the thing they keep doing at the end of episode ("And x and y became/made friends and they all lived happily ever after") and make it just... Better. And for the kids, it still has cheesey stuff in it, so I don't see why it'd be a problem.
I actually dunno if it would come to America if it was made into an animated series, I mean who would dub it, 4Kids? Pfft. Hilarious. I would watch the subbed myself, but it could totally be a hit. Obviously not as big as the original Pokemon anime, but it would still bring a lot to the table.

PokeSpec even brings back old characters without being repetitive, so I think it would be a nice series to be animated.
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