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Default Re: Spoiler alert!Ash vs. Paul was so LAME!

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
This is unacceptable that Paul got to win, be the Randy Orton of the show as the match was nothing more then Survivor Series, sending poor Chimchar/Monferno out there alone vs. Paul's 4 brutal Pokemon. That's unacceptable script writing to have Paul win! I hope Jupiter mops the floor with this sap! I'm sick of Paul thinking he's no. 1 with bad tactics like. This is like wrestling, Paul agrees to lose to Brendan, but then he gets to beat Ash. That's lousy!

The following passage is in white and contains a spoiler upon reading. But I found it unacceptable.
I honestly believe it's only to highlight the significance of when Ash will inevitably defeat Paul at the league, and therefore show the progress of his team. Hence making Ash's training methods superior. But I do agree, they should've at least allowed a single win for Monferno, considering it just evolved, and had enhanced powers in the form of Blaze. Also, Grotle deserved some glory. They seriously nerfed the thing, in favour of Chimchar, after it evolved.
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