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Default Pokeworld [Re-opening of project]

Programmed with: PHP and AJAX (this basically means that it will be an in-browser game)
I am re-opening my pokeworld project, and for good. looking for good spriters and project members



Starting out in your hometown in Shikkou, your parents decide it is time for you to become a Pokémon Trainer. The professor of the region of Shikkou and your parents choose for you to start your adventure.

Professor Spruce, the region’s professor, and the first Female professor, asks you to visit her lab so you can get your first Pokémon. But The evil team of the game, Team Shadowstorm, seeks to steal her shadow world Poke'mon for research.

When you arivve, you find them attacking her.You Pick up any pokemon on the table and Battle them.
Through your adventures in Shikkou, Team Shadowstorm becomes more of a threat than previously thought of. More disappearances occur, and the weather goes crazy. Throughout it all, you continue battling Gym Leaders and make it a goal to beat the Elite Four and the Pokémon League, while figuring out why Team Shadowstorm is doing the horrible deeds it is doing.

You will also be able to meet friends from the real world that will help you on your journey, while trying to do there own.You can talk to other people around the world.You can even trade, battle, and the newest addition to pokemon, Buy new clothes, build a house, and Customize your trainer card!

New Region- It gets boring after a while to play over and over again in the same region. They change the graphics, add pokemon and Change the Shape of the map, but it's all the same

Because this is an MMORPG, size is a must. Although the location icons are not enough to show just how large each area is, believe us when we say it; the game is massive. Towns are large, cities are monstrous, and routes stretch as far as the eye can see.

When you Finish the small expance of the Shikkou,You will be able to travel around the world as it gets unlocked with abilities and Items.

This is the shikkou region

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