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Default Re: Trial Run Files: Pokemon Encounters

By incorporating the Park Locations list for Pokemon (revamped by Teo) and adding in my idea of rolling dice, I present an equation to be used in order to determine what Pokemon appear while Trainers are in the Park.

Pokemon are divided into Percentage Groups based on their rarity and strength. The Groups, as revamped by Teo, are as follows:

Common (50%)
Uncommon (30%)
Intermediate (14%)
Rare (5%)
Rare -Special- (5%)
Legendary (1%)

This basically means that fifty percent of the time a Common Pokemon will appear, thirty percent of the time an Uncommon Pokemon will appear, etc. To follow the Percentage Groups, Rangers will roll a die to determine Group and match it with its Percentage:

1-50 = Common
51-80 = Uncommon
81-94 = Intermediate
95-99 = Rare
100 = Legendary

Once the Group has been rolled, another die is rolled to determine the individual Pokemon. The Pokemon that matches the second number as listed in the rolled Group is the Pokemon that will appear.

If a Trainer purchases a Special Map, the Pokemon in the Rare –Special- Group replace the ones in the regular Rare Group. This is the only way to encounter Pokemon in the Rare –Special- Group.

Radar and Repellent Items will be taken into consideration if they are used.
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