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Default Re: [Whatever At Rotom's] URPG Section

No Items/Held
No Weather/Terrain

BryceBAM (OAA) [Togekiss, Sceptile] vs. Xalapeno (KotRT) [Arcanine, Jolteon, Breloom]

Togekiss starts beating up on Arcanine but gets roared away and Sceptile comes in. Seceptile ends up KOing Arcanine and Jolteon comes in. After some set up, olteon baton passes to Breloom who just swept after that. Bryce forfeited before his last mon could come in.

Xalapeno wins, gets 1500 and a point self and team
Bryce loses, gets 750 and loses a point for self

I get 1500 for reffing

Salary: $3000

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