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Default Re: [Whatever At Rotom's] URPG Section

AIM War Battle

Rules: 3 vs 3, Revolution, No holds, OHKO/Sleep/Freeze Clause.

[Team Aqua] Tyger Crysis's Metagross (23%, sleep), Tyranitar (14%, par), and Snorlax (41%)


[Knights of the Round Table] Xalapeno's Jolteon (63%), Gardevoir (KO'd), and PorygonZ (100%)


2 hour battle. Gardevoir did serious damage to Tyger's team until Tyranitar came in and KO'd Gardevoir, but not before a Lucky Icy Wind from Sleep Talk. Jolteon came in and paralized Tyranitar. After several turns of nothing but paralizis and missing, Tyger forfieted. I don't blame him. The dice really hated him during this battle.

Xali: $1,500
Tyger: $750
Me: $1,500
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