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Default Re: [Whatever At Rotom's] URPG Section

Battle ID: # 13

Type: [AIM]



|::3v3::| |::Battle Revolution::| |::Held Items::| |::Normal Weather::| |::Normal Terrain::| |::Sleep Clause::| |::Freeze Clause::| |::OHKO Clause::|


Combatants & Mons:

Leman of Aqua [::Tyranitar:: ::Salamence::] vs Team Overkill of KotRT [::Ursaring:: ::Metagross:: ::PorygonZ::]


Tyranitar Subbed and Focus Punched Ursaring, Metagross then Hammer Armed Tyranitar, Salamence finished up with Life Orb.



Leman Won & Recieved $ 2,000 + 1pt
Team Overkill Lost & Recieved $ 750
Me $ 2,000


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