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Default Re: New pokemon saga?

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

This made me lol. :]

And pretty redundant question. Isn't it apparent by now: Ash will travel to the new region, catch the generic Water/Fire/Grass/Flying/Filler, achieve 8 badges, and ultimately lose to a stronger contender at the league.

Also, do you really think the writers care if it's "corny." It's a show aimed at kids, and the formula still works, so I doubt they would consider changing it.
Well, I guess that's why it's unchanged.

Originally Posted by GabiteTheGreat View Post
So does that include Ash somehow managed to defeat Candice, considering he used Staraptor, Gliscor and Grotle? Very predictable.

How so? :O

Even so, that doesn't mean that everything in the anime is predictable. Of course, that'd bore even the kids. They add a little unpredictability and suspense that's the perfect dosage for the kids.

Originally Posted by kentucky_fried_torchic View Post
One of the many reasons why PokeSpec needs to be made into an anime.
What's that? :O
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