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Default Re: [Whatever At Rotom's] URPG Section

Metallic Houndoom [Knights of the Round Table] vs ragnajacob [Gurren Lagann]

Holds Off
OHKO, Sleep and Freeze Clause.

MH with Lanturn, Electivire, Weavile
raganajacob with Metagross, Charizard, Alakazam

It looked like ragnajacob would win it, but Weavile was fast enough to KO the weakened Charizard and Metagross and OHKO'd Alakazam with a Critical Hitting Night Slash.

MH wins and gets $1500 + 1 Individual Point + 1 Point for Knights of the Round Table
ragna loses and gets $750 - 1 Individual Point
I should get $1500 for reffing.

Salary [WAR]: $1500

Just a little suggestion, $500 for a loss would be better imo, cause the extra $250 isn't really nice >_<


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