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Default How To Become A Ranger

<insert a very cool banner here>

Alright, so you'd like to join the Rangers and enjoy a fun-tastic journey in the Park along with the Trainers, eh? You've come to the right place! But, before I move on explaining how you can become a Ranger, take a look at the guidelines below. They'll tell you clearly or at least, give you hints of what we look for in a Ranger.

[ 1 ] Balanced Judgment - We don't want Rangers to go critical for every tiny flaw in a post the Trainer makes, but we don't want them overlooking flaws either. Basically, a true Ranger is equalized and sees things from two sides of the story.

[ 2 ] People’s Person – Rangers should be ones taking good care of the Park and the Trainers they’re escorting throughout the entire time. We don’t them to be the ones causing trouble!

[ 3 ] Be a Pokémon – A Ranger must not only be creative, but also has to be intuitive in certain cases, and has to play as a wild Pokémon realistically.

[ 4 ] Be Active – Sadly, our Warden can’t take care of the Park alone. We, as Rangers, should do our part to take care of it as well. We do not ask you do be totally active, but checking in once in a while would suffice.

Regarding Ranger activity: If the Ranger doesn't post for 7 days without prior warning that he/she will be inactive (at least 5 days in advance), the Trainer can request another Ranger. If the Ranger will be gone for more than 7 days, the Trainer can also request a new Ranger. If the Ranger says they will return on a specific date but doesn't post for 5 days after that date, the Trainer can request a new Ranger. If the Ranger is habitually inactive for five or six days, the Trainer can request another Ranger (this will be on a case-by-case basis). This is so Trainers can keep their RPs running and get finished as soon as possible; the faster a Trainer's RP is complete, the sooner a Ranger can take a new Trainer, thus reducing lines and wait times for Trainers.

[ 5 ] Be Professional – Our Rangers aren’t amateurs of course. When time arises, they have to act precisely and professionally, with style :P

Wow, you’ve gone through it that fast? Well, you might be the Ranger we’re looking for after all! But, things don’t get resolved that fast, sadly. If you’ve read the Park Encyclopedia, and understand how things work around the Park, then you’re ready, to take our Ranger Quiz! Simply, follow these simple steps on what to do.

Step One :
Refer to the next post, regarding the Ranger Quiz.

Step Two :
Take your time, do it carefully, and once you've done it, feel free to PM them to any of the Elite Rangers, as well as the Head Ranger and Vice Ranger. Current Rangers can be found here.

Step Three :
Be patient, and wait for the Elite Ranger to reply, do not consistently pester them to mark your Quiz or anything along those lines. They will get to it asap and will reply you with the Marks you've obtained and point out your mistakes.

Step Four :
If you've passed, then congratulations to you! You can now move on to Phase Two of the Quiz, which would be a Practical Test. It's wise if you've the Elite Ranger(whom you PM'd the Quiz) to carry out the Practical Test for you as well, but this isn't required. If you've failed the Quiz, don't give in yet! Keep trying, and you might ace it eventually! The Test will then be judged by a panel of Rangers to ensure no one is either failed or passed thanks to biased judgment. Please note that from now on, Temporary Licenses will NOT be given out. ALL Tests will either be a Pass or a Fail.

Step Five :
Well, this is straightforward. If you pass the Practical Test, one of the Rangers who looked over your Test will post in the General Discussion Thread welcoming the newcomer to our Ranger Team. We're happy to have you as one of us, and we look forward to work with you in the future :)

If you've got any queries pertaining to this, please PM any Elite Rangers or post them here.

*Courtesy to Trainer17 for the Guidelines

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