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Default Re: Character Chat

Sakuya: I'm looking forward to donning my Varia Suit soon....
Me: She means that she'll use it and later, give it to Samus.
Ran: I'M A SCATMAN! *flattens Spark again*
EDIT: Here are my chars!

Sakuya: An easygoing maid who works for a vampire. Talks in Navy.
Keine: A sometimes sarcastic hakutaku who is Sakuya's buddy. Talks in Dark Green.
Bill Gates: CEO of MS. Talks in Red.
Remilia: Sakuya's mistress. Talks in Pink.
Eirin: Kaguya's servant and troublemaker for Sakuya. Talks in Dark Red.
Yumitchi: ME!!!! I talk in Yellow.
Ran: A fox familiar. Talks in Dark Orange.
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