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Default Re: why do people call Dawn "DD" ?

DD wasn't meant as an insult- Kenny and Dawn are childhood friends, after all- and there are people who believe the two of them would make a nice couple, me included.

And c'mon, haven't you ever had an embarassing nickname you want to forget, yet your old friends who know about it just won't keep their mouth shut? That's exactly Kenny's "DD" meaning.

As pointed out by Dialga, there's an episode in which Ash&co. meet another childhood friend of Dawn, and they're pretty close, and at the end of the episode Ash asks this girl why Dawn's childhood friends call her like that. She snickers, and is about to tell an embarassing story, when Dawn almost drowns her, at which point the girl agrees to keep it a secret.

I guess we'll never know the real reason, or maybe it will be a Luke I Am Your Father moment or something...

would be fun I guess.
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