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Originally Posted by Dari Metsuki View Post
So, I bought versions of LeafGreen and Emerald from eBay and now they have arrived it's apparent they are fake cartridges. Not happy.

If I were to play these games, would I be able to transfer the Pokémon over to my Diamond and Platinum just like with the real cartridges?

It is also possible for me to transfer them to my genuine Sapphire before putting them on Diamond or Platinum...

I'm just worried maybe it will make an error on my genuine games, or I wouldn't be allowed on wi-fi because of these "fake game" Pokémon.

Anybody know?
Not quite sure. Sorry. Never tried it myself. I don't own Diamond... at least you didn't buy a cartridge of pokemon game I have. I would be so mad if the amazing FireRed didn't work. I love my FireRed.
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