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Lightbulb Changing the Battery for G/S/C [Instructions here!]

OT: I hope it's okay to post this. :P

I have a good feeling that a lot of people here have this same issue. The old games have probably run out of power on their internal batteries? My Silver and Crystal both died a few years ago... Hence I've tried to come up with a way to fix it!

How To Change Battery

What You Need
-CR2025 or CR2032 (2032 lasts longer)
-Needlenose pliers (if small enough), Corkscrew
-Electrical tape

-Check the back side of the game. The screw is a 6-point star.
-Stick the corkscrew or pliers into one of the grooves and on the screw.
-Press down, and move it counterclockwise.
-You slide the top half away from the bottom half.
-You have to pry the metal rod/arm off the battery. Be careful, but it is hard. The corkscrew is able to detach this part easily (easier than the pliers). There are two arms, one on top, one on bottom. The top must come off first before the botom can be reached.
-Then after, you get electrical tape, and wrap it around the circumference of the new battery. It will look ugly lol
-Place the new battery in the arms as it was before.
-Tape the arms down to the battery.
-Replace cover.

Viola, it works!