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Originally Posted by R3ignlasting View Post
Okay, this thread will be kept for the making of Pokemon Gio.
I'm going to make it with Rpg maker xp though.
So, I'll need spriters for the game.

If I can with RPG maker Xp, I'll try and make it so you can talk and see everyone else playing the game.

If I get a good team, the game could be done within the next month or so.
Since we have to make menu options, characters and will take a while.

No screenshots yet.

Team needed:

2 Spriters - To increase the sprite making.
1 Expert - If I have any problems with RPG maker XP, they could help me.
3 Pokemon Experts - To give me most information about Pokemon.

Since I think you should be able to choose your own name, that is included.
We need all of the boy/girl sprites to be characters.

Like all of Ash, Lukes, Dawn's, and all of the other sprites needed in all of the games.
If it get's requested a lot, I will try and add a function that let's you choose what Region you would like to start in.

So, like Kanto --> Jhoto --> Hoeen --> Sinnoh

Sorry if I spelled any of those wrong.

So, PM me if you'd like to help with the project.
I will try and get some more people from other forums, and this thread will be updated when I get some screenshots, with some new sprites.
Bumping the thread real quick

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