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Default 21- Farewell, City of Dragons


The night sky grew quiet with anticipation. The echoing sirens are long gone, the news moves on to other topics, and the Trainers return to their duty. Small neighborhood celebrations were held sparsely throughout the day, but they are short lived and exhausted. It seems everyone, not only Jack, is tired from all the action and suspense.

He stands in front of the Blackthorn Gym. The monumental dragon doors overshadowing him, taunting him, sending a message at just how strong dragon type Pokemon are. He steps to the back, where the garden is located, and where Gorgi usually can be found.

“You know, every time I find you here, you’re watering the plants.”

The senior man’s lime green pants seem to glow in the darkness. “It’s best to let your friends know they are loved, rather than forgotten. To ignore them, even for a moment, may cause you to lose them.” He lifts the pail up, stopping the raining mist. “Ah, but then you say to yourself, ‘You’re giving them too much attention, they’ll be suffocated.’ But I say you have to look at your friends to know how they feel. Look at the durability of those leaves. Look at those bright colors in the petals. Those aren’t the faces of sadness, they’re the faces of appreciation. When you’ve experienced as much as I have, understanding this key element becomes natural.”

“We’re not just talking about plants, are we?”

He sets the pail on a round table, next to a dripping faucet. “That’s why I like you, you understand quickly. Just like I was at your age. Come, come inside. I have that surprise for you.”

Gorgi opens the gym door, flipping a set of four light switches on, lighting the entire gym. Jack hadn’t been in here in over a month, when he battled Gorgi as practice, since the Gym Leader was away. The field was gravel and dirty, with a few larger boulder in the center circle.

Mother Dragonair soars from above, landing next to Gorgi. He pats her on the head, listening to her cheerful cooing in return.

“So, Jack, is Kangaskhan well?”

“Oh, well, not really. They weren’t equipped with the right medical tools to deal with her injuries, so they transferred both her and baby Kangy to Goldenrod City. They’re going to do further tests for any other problems. Nurse Joy didn’t like the scaring over Kangaskhan’s body at all, and thought she might have serious infections. She said it might take a few weeks before they are ready. I do hope they’ll be alright.”

“Pokemon are very strong willed at fighting an enemy, even at its own physical expense. For many Pokemon, simply living is enough to keep them happy. I can imagine the battle you had with her was difficult, probably even scary. For a wild Pokemon of that magnitude, fighting for freedom, they’ll give everything they have, even if it means themselves in the process.”

“We’re not doing this on purpose. Most Trainers only want to help.”

“Unfortunately, wild Pokemon don’t have as great a sense of reading the faces of people like we can to each other. They don’t understand our intentions, only that we are in their way and they’ll either fight us to show dominance, or run. A wild Pokemon that does any other action other than those two, are usually in a weak or young condition. You may have a good intention, but you have to be aware what you are up against, and what reaction to your surroundings it will cause. Like today, for instance.”

Today? What does he mean by that? The gang was defeated, he rescued a Pokemon. We won right? But looking into Gorgi’s wise eyes tell him something else. Maybe there was more to the situation than he knew about. His intention to save Dragonair, while heroic, was indeed very selfish. What about all the other Pokemon they stole over the years in operation? And what about those that do escape from the police, and any stolen Pokemon they have? Uriel was right, they should have let the police handle it. It was a stupid idea, one that he will hope he never makes again.

Gorgi senses depression in the young Trainer, which he smiles at. “That’s ok, don’t worry about it. For every mistakes, we learn ten new things.”

Jack grabs two Pokeballs off his belt, holding them out. “I want to return the two Dratini to you. They belong with their mother.”

“Are you sure about this? Well, what do you think Dragonair?”

The slender navy dragon lowers her head, pushing the outstretched Pokeballs back to the Trainer. She coos gently, with a smile of content. She has this solemn feeling that her babies are in great care.

His eyes liquidate, forcing him to blink repeatedly in embarrassment at revealing his emotion. It’s been his life dream to own a Dratini. To hug one; to love one. And not because they are rare, but at how gentle their eyes look at someone, and their soothing coos. Dratini are also the sign of a successful Trainer, because a Trainer with well-trained Dragonite should be shown signs of respect. Loyalty. Trust. Strength. For Jack to gain such a Pokemon with those noble traits, it would mean the world. Never before he set out for his journey, did he ever imagine meeting, let alone touching a Dratini.

The recent time he shared with them at Dragon’s Den was the most wondrous time he’s ever experienced. He would love to go back to that moment, the moment before Dragonair was caught by them. Before they interfered with there lives. They were a happy family, with a friendly Trainer to have fun and play with. He was right all along, Dratini are the perfect Pokemon. But...

“Thanks, but I can’t. As much as I’ve always wanted a Dratini of my own... sniff... I just... can’t. Would it be alright if I left them with you, Gorgi?”

Eventually, he has to wipe his eyes before they tear up. He doesn’t want to accept the fact that Dragonair is okay with this. All he wanted to do was take care of them while she was caught, and he never planned to keep them afterward. And from tears, his eyes burn up with disgust and anger. He covers his face with the front of his hat, hiding his fierce and determined eyes. Why would Dragonair toy with me like this? Doesn’t she know that they need a mother right now more than anything? Arg! It breaks his heart knowing she trusts him this much. He grips his hand into a fist, imagining walking away. No, these are her babies, not mine.

“Gorgi! This is the Trainer you were telling me about?”

The old man whips around, “Oh, I was wondering when you’d show up. Jack, I’d like you to meet the Blackthorn Gym Leader.”

As the leader steps forward, he extends a hand out. “Nice to meet you. I hear you’ve been looking for a Gym match.”


2 days later.

“To recap the recent event at the P-sci Labs in Blackthorn City, police have arrested 26 suspects of the so called Tan Gang. However, word is that all high ranking members are still at large and could be heading for Olivine City to escape the league. If you see any of these individuals, please contact the police immediately.”

A list of names and descriptions are given, only a few recognizable. Booker, the boss. Destiny, the scientist. Claude.... escaped.

“Pokemon, items, and documents are being counted, labeled, and processed. A notice will soon go out with a list of a stolen valuables and Pokemon, so that their proper Trainers can be found. Of the reported 210 cases of stolen Pokemon from a ‘tan organization’, only 97 Pokemon were recovered. Here’s hoping they all find their Trainer.

Uriel Dawson, one of the heros of the event, was recently awarded a special gift from the Weller family, in appreciation for his act. Having saved Mr. Weller’s stolen Pokemon, his daughter awarded his prized Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan to Uriel, knowing very well that her father’s Pokemon would be in great hands. And to top that, Uriel was promoted by the police department as a witness bodyguard, also giving his Pokemon, a Kecleon, an honorary spot in the Special Force Pokemon Division. Good luck to you guys.

As for the Trainer that helped him, whom we only know as Jack, no one has seen him since that day. Police think he may be headed to Victory Road and would like to question him. If seen, please contact the police.

In related news, the company, P-sci Labs, managed by Corban Booker, has since been shut down and all funding cut off. A recent finding suggests fraud...”

The blue hat Trainer switches off the Pokegear (a present from Gorgi). He grabs his backpack, stands up, and walks calmly down the dirt path.


No capture, just posting this for closure in case anyone wanted to know how it ends. If anyone actually reads from the start (heh, as if) you'll probably discover the timeline is way off. And I made Jack too strong for only being a Trainer for about 3 months. Honestly, who goes through all these adventures and captures that many Pokemon in that short amount of time. This is what happens when I write chapters years apart, heh.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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