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Default 21- Farewell, City of Dragons

The next few minutes are as silent as it’s been all day. Even with the sirens blaring in the background, and the wind whistling through the trees, as soon as the Pokeball stops moving, he blanks the entire world out. Just staring, with not a care in the world. For the first time in the months he has been in Blackthorn City, he can take it easy. There is nothing to worry about anymore. It’s all over.

No, I’m done for today.

He didn’t even care that the little grey Baby Kangaskhan freed himself and is pawing and poking at the Pokeball that had caught his mother. Luckily, rather than take hostile action, the baby simply sits down, holding the ball, and began to weep.


He moves his head, faintly recognizing a darkly skinned man in a purple suit shouting... something. Probably trying to wake me, he imagines. But he doesn’t want to go. He’s reminded of when he lived at home, and how his mom would try to get him out of bed. He knew he had to go to school, but the bed was too comfortable that if he got out, he’d lose that warmth. He always hated when he was eventually forced out of a comfort zone.

He pictures himself with all of his Pokemon, sitting in a group in an overgrown meadow. Each Pokemon contains their own smile while laughing relentlessly as a group collective. All the happy faces... without a care for the surroundings. A place where nothing could go wrong.

“JACK!” Uriel yells, eventually shaking the Trainer sitting on the ground.

“Alright, alright, I’m up. Sheesh!” He lifts himself up, leaning his arm on the destroyed truck. Reality hit his mind again, removing the short lived cheerful thoughts back to the torn world he lived. He takes in a quick, full breath; then another. What a day!

It isn’t until that moment that he realizes two other people are at the crash site with them. One is a traditional police man: blue jacket, blue pants, blue hat, belt with all the fixing, and black boots. The silver name tag reads Cpt. Johnson.

The other person is an older gentleman, probably middle age. He’s short, about half his height, with patches of hair missing from his head. He has on a horizontally brown striped blue shirt and bright lime green pants. The pants are an dead give away, since he only met one person who would dare wear such a color. It’s Gorgi, the Blackthorn Gym teacher whom Jack had met a few months ago. It was him who showed Jack the Dragon Den paradise. It was him who hand made the Dratini pin.

As pleasing as it is to see him again, why is he here?

“My my, this is quite an exciting day. You’re really something, Jack my boy. I knew you had the sprit of a dragon.” He slaps his hands with a quick laugh.

“Gorgi... hey! Great to see you again. I didn’t expect to see you out here.”

As it would seem, when Dragonair escaped the P-sci Labs, she went straight to the only person she knew who could help: Gorgi at the Blackthorn Gym. Knowing Dragonair was caught by the Tan Gang, he informed the police of the situation, and that Dragonair would lead them to the base. They were quick to disembark, making sure to inform the local news for ‘good police press’. Gorgi, too, went along because he couldn’t easily forget the passion one Trainer had in such a simple speech:

I want to get their mother back. It’s what a true Pokemon Trainer would do. (Jack- Ch.16)

Many Trainer are all talk, and not many can prove their abilities. Statements like that are said all the time, and not many actually follow through... or even succeed. He wanted to see for himself if Jack honored that word. So when he stepped out of the police car and saw Jack in the distance, he couldn’t help but smile.

“I see. So the police...”

“We can handle it from here,” the Captain states. “On the drive over, Gorgi spoke highly of a certain Trainers’ ambition. I must commend you for a job well done.”

“Th-thank you. But all I did was save a couple Pokemon. The real hero is Uriel and his Kecleon. None of this would have been possible without them.”

The officer nods in acknowledgment. “The city of Blackthorn thanks you two very much.”

A bit nervous, Uriel cracks a grin. For the first time in his long career, he feels proud about an accomplishment. As a bouncer for the dance club, the regular customers and fellow employees would taunt him just to see what he’d do. And while working for the Tan Gang, guarding the bowling alley, he knew the years of behind-the-back talk, the snickers, and the mocking conversations of his impaired speech. But he continued to do his job regardless. And now, after a successful escape with everyone safe, he was praised for his good work.

“I...I was merely ensuring the safety of whom I’m was protecting. That is my job now.” He never would have thought that a small time bouncer like himself could become a hero.

Feeling better after being attacked by Kangaskhan, the purple Kecleon, Lavish, seriously salutes to the officer. After all those years watching spy and detective movies, he finally got his chance to star in his own caper. Little did anyone know, he was anxious to keep going.

“Gorgi, look.” Jack shouts with a huge grin behind his broken sunglasses, fishing through his pocket. He pulls out a small Dratini pin decorated in shades of blue: the hand-made pin from Gorgi.

“Well, look at that! I’m impressed at your resilience.”

Upon completion of his training at Dragon’s Den, Gorgi hand made a special pin for him. However, the notorious Tan Gang pair, Paul and Claude, broke into the gym and took it. If it was something plastic and cheap, made from a factory, Jack wouldn’t have cared too much. But the fact that it was hand made with laborious effort, he refused Gorgi making another one.

No, I will get it somehow. That Pin is too special to me to just make me another one. (Jack- Ch.16)

A couple more officers step into the scene. The Captain speaks up, “If you guys don’t mind, let’s get you back to town.”

But before they head out, Jack has some unfinished business to handle. He had stopped mother Kangaskhan by catching her, but her baby remains free. Baby Kangaskhan remains where she was caught, hugging the tan Pokeball in a whimpering fashion.

Any other Pokemon would have run away by now, but not in this situation. Kangy (which I’ll call the baby form from now on) was separated from his mother at an early stage of his life. The lab scientists... they weren’t her mother, or even nice to him at all. By being parentless at the labs, it left Kangy in a state of dependency for his real mother. He cried daily, waiting for her to return. And after the long yearly wait, he was finally reunited with his mother and all he wanted to do was cling to her. And never let go. Then, as soon as they became a family again, she’s taken away just as quick. Caught by this Trainer... the same one that rescued him. But... there was no anger... no revenge fight... no feeling of betrayal. He simply fell back into a state of longing for his mother. Crying... and waiting for her to return to him again.

The Trainer’s bowling shoes take a short step forward, inching closer. “Hey there, everything is alright. Nothing to cry about.” Kangy only stares at him with red, tear soaked eyes. His eyes furrow forward, sensing danger, shortening the pupils in fright. “No, no no. I’m a friend. See, nothing in my hands. No Pokemon.” But still the same expression. “I know you’re upset, but I didn’t have a choice little guy. Believe me,” he says with a smile. “Both of you need to see a doctor. I can’t imagine the tests they did to you. Ugh, it just tears me to pieces even thinking about it.”

As the Trainer creeps a little too close, Kangy squeezes the Pokeball harder and slides back, appearing as if ready to run.

“Whoa, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I mean, I did save you, hmm. Listen,” he pulls out another of the tan Pokeballs he pocketed. “If you go in this Pokeball, you’ll be transported to where your mom went. That’s what you want, right? You want to see your mom again?” Just a foot away, he sets the Pokeball on the disturbed grass. It was a technical lie to gain Kangy’s trust, but his only other option is to battle him. And right now, Kangy needs a friend more than tough love.


The squad car arrives back to the heart of Blackthorn City. The feint sirens are still heard behind them, which is exactly what Jack wants to do with the whole situation. Just to put everything behind him and start anew.

They stop at the three story Pokecenter, where many Trainers remain to watch the breaking news.

“We’re being told that the P-sci labs is hiding members of the Tan Gang. Currently, the grounds have been surrounded and forces are moving in. As you may be aware, with yesterday’s attack at the bowling alley....”

But Jack no longer cares about it, simply squeezing through the crowd to the front desk. He knows what he accomplished, and feels no reason to watch it nor embellish in his heroism. There are a lot more pressing matters at hand.

“Hello Nurse Joy.”

The pink haired nurse gives a nice wide smile, opening her arms out in a display of friendship. “Oh, Jack. Good to see you again.” She looks at his disheveled appearance. “Must have been through some hard training this morning, eh? By the way, did you see the good news?”

See it? He was there. “Yea, I heard... but I really need you to look at a couple Pokemon for me; they’re in bad shape.” He places the two Pokeballs containing Kangaskhan and Kangy in the six-compartment plastic Pokeball holder.

“Oh my! I’ll have Blissey take these Pokemon to the Emergency check-up for you.”

The oval pinkish Pokemon in a nurse apron takes the Pokeball holder. “Blis!” she says cheerfully.

“Jack...” Gorgi, Uriel, and Lavish make their way through. Uriel speaks up, “They want a word from us at the station.”

“I’m staying here with Kangaskhan, they’ll have to wait. I’ll meet up with you later.”

“And if you have time between your busy schedule and saving the world,” Gorgi says, “Stop by the gym. I want to show you something.”

Jack nods, waving good-bye as they leave. It’ll be a while before Nurse Joy has any results, so he waits in his temporary private room. He slips off his bowling shoes, seeing them dirty and stained with abuse. He takes a look through his scratched and cracked sunglasses: the frame was a little bent and he’ll have to replace the lenses if he ever wants to block the sun again. His blue hat was torn at a seem, also dirty. His pine green shirt and rustic jeans had dirt and grass marks on them, which blended in slightly. As for his body, he’s still a bit shaky with a slight headache after the accident. Nothing is broken or bruised, so he can’t complain.

He slides his Pokeball belt on the small lamp table. He hadn’t even thought about healing his own Pokemon. Their hard battles today and yesterday are nothing compared to that of Kangaskhan’s yearly fight. They just need a good rest, like himself.

Looking at his belt, he’s reminded of all the Pokemon he owns and how he caught them. The easy times, the fun times, and the difficult times. That one that hits him the most, and relates to this recent event, is his capture of Kakuna. Pokemon are fragile beings, especially in low level and low evolutionary states. How can the world be so cruel to mistreat such Pokemon? Why? It didn’t make any sense.


The Blackthorn Police Station is across town from the Pokemon Center, but it doesn’t take long to arrive with the siren going. Uriel has never been inside a police car before. The feeling was awkward, but he enjoyed being able to pass cars and traffic. As for Lavish, the James Bond purple Kecleon, he was curious about all the buttons and gadgets on the dashboard. He wonders which button puts the car in invisibility mode...

Again, he feels awkward being inside the police station. All the people sitting in the waiting room take a look at him, judging him with their eyes, imagining what law or laws he must have broken to be here. He pays careful attention to a tough looking guy in the corner, with a black bandana around his head and a scraggily beard. His eyes shift away, not wishing to make contact or be intimidated. But it also has him wondering what that guy is also doing here. Maybe he too was a hero in some small story, which will make page 3 headlines in tomorrow’s news.

Lavish stays on guard, standing in front of Uriel’s black duffle bag. He’s watched enough detective shows to know what a bad guy looks like. And he was high up on the suspicious list.

A young female front desk officer steps into the room, calling him out. She leads him and Kecleon through a series of desks and cubicle offices, until reaching a short hallway with a door marked ‘interrogation’. Before he can ask, she says it is only temporary because all the other rooms are taken.

The interrogation room was barren, except for a table and a chair on either side. Captain Johnson stands by the door as he enters, and another officer sat at the table. He was an older gentleman with a gray mustache. Surprisingly, he only wore his navy police cap and belt for his gun, but no uniform. Just casual clothes. Not even a name badge.

“Uriel Dawson? I’m Commander Nickels, head of the police division. Sit down and tell us all what happened.”

And so, nervously, he does. Starting from when he first met the Tan Gan leader, Corban Booker, to the escape from their base. Not skipping a single detail.

The Commander leans back in the chair, facing the Captain. “And why isn’t the Trainer here?”

The lean Captain muffles, “He said he had some business at the Pokecenter first, and that we can pick him up later.”

“Have an officer go over the Center to keep an eye on him.” The Captain nods, stepping out the door. “So, those Pokemon you found... is that what’s in the bag?”

He nods, lifting the dark duffle bag on the table. He unlocks the various zippers and hidden spots on the bag. Item by item, Uriel places them one by one on the table until the bag is empty. In total there are 36 Pokeballs, not counting the two larger balls he sets off to the side, and a dozen various items of use by Trainers.

During Uriel’s search of the base for his documents linking him to joining the gang, he found the room where stolen Pokemon from Trainers were kept. Each Pokeball was unmarked and unlisted as to who’s Pokemon it was, and to what Pokemon was inside. The items were thrown into a box labeled Trainer Stuff. The Pokemon and items in this room were of no interest to the gang and not important for use. Some of the stolen Pokemon were taken just for fun, only to be locked away. Others were Pokemon that were the result of a raid on one Trainer, but they only wanted one Pokemon from them. Any key Pokemon they wanted to keep for use or study, was kept either in the basement levels, or upstairs in guarded quarters.

The two larger Pokeballs (Superballs as the Tan Gang called them) kept off to the side are the ones that Lavish found during his sneaking in the air vents. He isn’t even sure if there are any Pokemon in them, but Lavish must have taken them for some reason.

The dark bouncer calls out any Pokemon within, to which they respond with red beams. The forms materialize into two standing figures, both of similar height, body, and tan color. Red gloves appear on one, while springy legs appear on the other.


“Mon.. Chan?”

Lavish jumps to the table, marveling his own find. Mr. Weller, beloved retired Trainer of the city, had his Pokemon taken over a month ago. He died in mourning because of it. And here, before them, are the two Pokemon that were stolen. His two most prized possessions. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Back in safe hands.

Uriel and Lavish don’t even realize how much of a hero to the town they have become.

While the Commander stares in disbelief, dumfounded at the Pokemon he is witnessing, Captain Johnson walks back in.

He stumbles the first words, seeing a pair of fighting Pokemon across the room. “S-s-sir. Is. Is that..?”

Nickels coughs and grumbles, “Ahem, what is it?”

“Well, uh... wait, are those...?”

“Yes, they are. Now did you have something for me?”

“Oh, yes. An officer went by the Pokecenter, but the Trainer was not there. We have him stationed for when he does return.”

“Good, good. How’s the situation downtown?”

“Excellent. They’re rounding up the final sweep and should be finished within the hour.”

“So,” Nickels rubs his face, still in shock. “We’re going to have some detainees shortly, and we’ll need this room. Keep in contact with us,” he slides a card over the table. “Tomorrow we’ll need you to spot anyone you know.”

Captain Johnson speaks up. “Thank you, for all your hard work today.”

“As I told you, it was all thanks to Lavish now,” he says, fully modest about it.

The Commander lifts off his hat, “Yes, this Pokemon of yours is quite fascinated by spy work, as you mentioned. And with your job capabilities, I may have a proposition for the both of you.”

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