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Default Re: New pokemon saga?

Originally Posted by DietKoffing View Post
They need to make the anime more...... mature than always being so friendly. I mean come on, watch the D/P series and you'll understand what I mean by 'friendly'. If they at least make it funny, a little more violent, and some actual good storylines then they could attract a helluva alot more people than little kids who are just now learning how to potty train.
HELLS ya, i agree add a lil gore , a lil blood , a lil more romance some thig on da line ,no more of dat little fukn "Y7" thing on the screen instead pg14 or maybe TVMA get someting on da line (like someone gets kidnaped and ash has to save them but has to beat the elite 4 before he dose "just a Thaught" ) and make it a lil more meaningfull not jus a kid who wants to be a "master", " i mean come on " blues clues has more of a plot than that.
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