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Default Re: [Banner of the week --- Discussion]

Originally Posted by Anastasia-R View Post
  • It's huge. D=
  • It's kinda plain, add something to it.
  • Well, the text is okay, but it stands out a bit in a bad way. Make it flow with the banner. =]
I'll try to changes the text.

Originally Posted by Broderick View Post
I think it would be cool to have a Supernatural theme.
It doesn't have to be ghosts, it could be anything supernatural. *Monsters, or any kind of fictional creature for that matter*
And the banner's okay Angela. You should add more of an ocean theme to the background, like my Omanyte banner I have in my sig right now. You should have less white. Too much white makes it look transparent.

Yeah the reasons it's so transparent is because it's a banner for a vb forum and I have another images behind it that is ocean blue, so that's the reason it's so transparent. :)

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