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Default Re: Which Character Do You Play The Worst With In SSBB?

I'll put my best (1st is absolute best) and worst (1st is absolute worst).

Btw, I've beaten people with Olimar. Just takes practice ^^ He's not that bad, actually. It's really fun to chuck Pikmin at people XD

Best: Sonic, Meta Knight, Kirby, Fox, Yoshi
Worst: Falco, G&W, Ganondorf, Toon Link, Ice Climbers

I used to be so good with Falco, but he's so different in Brawl...His recovery move stinks now (too short), and I just don't have the "mojo" with him anymore. Kirby used to be my best player, but Sonic is better for me (faster, more damage, and he doesn't fly as far XD). So...Yeah.