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Default Re: FR/LG MonoType Challenge V.1

What a coincidence! XD I came here to ask for help for my Poison team.

Right now, I'm using an:

Beedrill (tentatively, I might give him up)
and Zubat

Just a general question, though I'm not too sure if it belongs here: Could anyone suggest some appropriate movesets to go with them? And what other Pokemon would you suggest for a Poison team? (Or, not really playing by the rules, Pokemon that poison their foe.) I was thinking of


Seadra (for Poison Point)
Parasect (for Effect Spore)

What do you suggest?
And, on a subnote, Water is seriously a fun monotype. X) In my Emerald game I used a Swampert, Gyrados, Ludicolo, Lanturn, and a Pellipper (they are really good Toxic Annoyers and they're the only ones in-game that Fly).
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