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Default Re: FR/LG MonoType Challenge V.1

Originally Posted by Black Label View Post
Epic! I'll be watching! :D
Sandshrew is awesome. I subbed to you, because I want to see more. Also, make the speed up a bit if your using no$.
Hmm... ok, forget what I posted in the comment. xD I'll speed it up for next time.

Originally Posted by Jesus View Post
You suck. You lost the first battle against your rival.
How did you record it btw? D:
Also you should speed it up, it'd be much easier to watch.

I started this a while ago and just finished the 8th gym leader, Giovanni. My current team consists of:


I was a bit unhappy that Beedrill can learn Aerial Ace but not Fly.. Odd. Anyhow I'm currently trying to get them to beat Gary, he owns me with Charizard x_x
He was faster than me and got a Critical Hit D:

I recorded using something called Camtasia :O
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