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Default Re: [Banner of the week --- Discussion]

Originally Posted by White Wolf of the Snow View Post
Aye, aye, aye! You don't know what Memorial Day is?! It's a holiday for Christ's sake!


Memorial Day is a holiday in emoiry of soldiers who have fought for our country-whether they died doing it or are still living (or have passed). It's next week on Monday.
Um, no. It's on May 25th, actually. It's awesome to have my birthday on a moving holiday! So this year, we celebrate May 25th threefold; my birthday, my grandparent's anniversary (they married on the EXACT day I was born), and Memorial Day itself, and we have a few people in our family who have fought in the war - some passed, some still alive.

A good ol' US of A theme would be awesome, although not everyone on PE2K is from America. Or maybe a "Summer's approaching" kind of theme.
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