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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by Ah Beng I the Pikabeng View Post
More comments in bold.
Buizel - I was taking into account the next filler season when regarding the evolutions. I honestly think Buizel and Gliscor will be left at Oak's after Sinnoh, much like Torkoal and Glalie. That way, Totodile could return, similar to Phanpy, as it really requires redemption. Also, if the Gold/Silver remake rumours are infact true, recalling Totodile would be the perfect way to advertise the new games.

Lopunny - Nah, I don't beleive it will leave. It'll probably go with Dawn to the filler saga (most likely the Battle Frontier) and evolve there. I can see Pachirisu being deposited at her mum's though.
Leafeon - Umm, I know people say that the anime =/= games, but I doubt they'd invent new methods of evolving existing pokemon. Although leaf stone does make sense. Besides, May's Glaceon evolved in the presence of the ice rock, so we know that the stones could be implemented.

Blissey - I suppose, but that storyline occured only last generation. They usually recycle the older ones. For example, Sinnoh has already reused the Primeape scenario in the form of Ambipom's departure, and also Turtwig's and Chimchar's captures were similar to Bulbasaur and Charmander's, respectively. I'd prefer if they did something entirely unique with Happiny tbh.

This could last a while. :x
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