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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

Umm, pretty weak arguements, but yeah:

Grotle - I suppose, but I don't see both starters reaching their final forms, and I think Infernape seems more likely. In that case, it means Paul would have Torterra, Jun would have Empoleon, and Ash would have Infernape. That would make more sense.
Buizel - Yer, but Kingler isn't considered a regional water-type, in the sense that it did not travel with Ash. I'd prefer Totodile to return in the filler saga, and have him evolve there. You have to consider the possibility that Ash won't store his Pokemon after Sinnoh until another season or two. Best time for Buizel to evolve.

Lopunny - Don't quite understand what you're saying. I meant it would mature, evolve, and develop into her main appealer now that Ambipom is absent. Thing is, will it leave afterwards because of something? That's the only thing left.
Leafeon - Why would they travel to Eterna with no reasoning? It would be redundant considering they relocated the Old Chateau near Canavale, which could have been a possible purpose to travel there. A Leaf Stone, then?

Blissey - Umm, that doesn't mean they'll rehash the same storyline. :S But they have done that before. A lot of times, I might add. >_>
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