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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by Ah Beng I the Pikabeng View Post
I have some comments in bold.
Umm, pretty weak arguements, but yeah:

Grotle - I suppose, but I don't see both starters reaching their final forms, and I think Infernape seems more likely. In that case, it means Paul would have Torterra, Jun would have Empoleon, and Ash would have Infernape.
Buizel - Yer, but Kingler isn't considered a regional water-type, in the sense that it did not travel with Ash. I'd prefer Totodile to return in the filler saga, and have him evolve there.

Lopunny - Don't quite understand what you're saying. I meant it would mature, evolve, and develop into her main appealer now that Ambipom is absent.
Leafeon - Why would they travel to Eterna with no reasoning? It would be redundant considering they relocated the Old Chateau near Canavale, which could have been a possible purpose to travel there.

Blissey - Umm, that doesn't mean they'll rehash the same storyline. :S
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