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Default Re: Breeding or PokeSav

Originally Posted by Charizard Michelle View Post
It really just depends on the person. I mean I see nothing wrong with PokeSav-ing as long as they are legal movesets and all. A Scizor that was made to have Bullet Punch, Sword Dance, X-Scissor and Baton Pass with 252 spd and att EVs is the same as a breeded Jolly Scizor with the same stats with maybe a few changes in the IVs.

It is basically personal prefrence really. I prefer to breed my team and go for whatever pokemon that has the nature that I need. Still that takes time and not everybody has that kind of time so PokeSav is their way to go. It is all the same if done right.

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Originally Posted by Scuba Stevee View Post
Pokesaving is the equivalent to someone trading a person a team of pokemon. In competitive battling, it doesn't matter how the person got the team, but how much skill they have by using it. Anyone can pokesav a team, but only truly skilled players can use them effectively.

That is pretty much the competitive battling community's look on it. As long as they have legal stats and movesets, then they are considered fair.
Points taken.

I'd say. Besides, right now it's impossible to tell a bred Pokemon from a Pokesav-ed Pokemon. As they say, "What one doesn't know won't hurt one" or something. If you don't tell others that you made your Pokemon, they won't really care as long as your Pokemon looks like it's bred.

Originally Posted by Vice View Post
It doesn't seem fair to people who actually put effort into their teams.
Then those people should cheat back. Give your opponents a taste of their own medicine.

Either that or don't go against them.

I see that the main question has been largely left unanswered.

It depends on your prespective. Though maybe breeding some and Pokesav-ing some would be a choice. Actually, it really is up to you. Though if you Pokesav, you'd have lots more time to choose your team and hone your skills. Or do something else altogether.
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