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Default Re: Trade Reporting

Trade Partner: Elite_Battle_Master

Date It Occurred: April 29, 2009

What Was the Trade: EBM's efforted Rampardos for Azumi's Liechi Berry, Enigma Berry, Micle Berry, Custap Berry, and Power Bracer

Positive or Negative: +

Explain What Happened: EBM was very patient. He didn't mind that I wasn't interested in a few of his offers and we eventually worked out an agreement where we would both be satisfied. I appreciate the honest trade he gave me and look forward to trading with him in the future. He's a very friendly person and I highly recommend him if you ever need any TMs, Berries, or IV bred Pokémon.

Trade Partner: Versin

Date It Occurred: April 30, 2009

What Was the Trade: Versin's untouched 10 ANIV Celebi for Azumi's untouched shiny Naughty Larvitar

Positive or Negative: +

Explain What Happened: Versin is very reliable with trades. The trade was pretty smooth. It took very little time to get connected and get the trade done. In the end, we were both rewarded with Poffins we made together. He has a nice bunch of events and is quick when it comes to sealing the offer and getting to the trade. If you ever run across one of his Pokémon that you want, don't hesitate to ask for it.

Trade Partner: JollyRancher

Date It Occurred: May 4, 2009

What Was the Trade: JollyRancher's efforted Nidoking for Azumi's shiny Giratina

Positive or Negative: +

Explain What Happened: I was in quite a hurry since we traded near midnight and my parents would have killed me if they saw me awake and on the laptop. JollyRancher understood and got the trade done quickly and without a single second wasted. He actually wanted me to take more (as odd as it may seem) to even up the trade thinking it wasn't balanced and more in his favor. I thought what I was getting was fine. Overall, JollyRancher is reliable when it comes to quick, even trades.

Trade Partner: MYSTRY MEW

Date It Occurred: May 6, 2009

What Was the Trade: MYSTRY MEW's PALCITY Lucario and TRU Dragonite for Azumi's efforted shiny Weavile and Magikarp spam

Positive or Negative: +

Explain What Happened: ........ Magikarp spam... I got the riddle, mmks?! *hides*
Aside from that: The trade was mainly MYSTRY MEW's PALCITY Lucario for my shiny efforted Weavile. A quick and easy trade. He can be trusted to complete a trade and get it done quickly. He also doesn't ask for outrageous things in return. If you need events, check out MYSTRY MEW's thread. He has quite a collection and will always ask for something reasonable.


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