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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by Ah Beng I the Pikabeng View Post
My comments in bold.
Monferno - That's what I meant. It'll evolve into Infernape in the filler saga. Dawn will still be present.
Grotle - Well, Grotle has just relieved it's problems regarding speed, and movement, by learning Rock Climb. Ash tends to favour faster Pokemon, and I just can't see Torterra fitting.
Buizel - I don't really see it evolving. It'll be like the Corphish/Totodile imo. It just doesn't gain any significant advantages when evolving: it looks the same; and Buizel is already fast and powerful.

Piplup - Yeah, that was just me being optimistic. Ahah. :L
Lopunny - It's relationship with Pikachu is dull, I'd like to see it mature a little. Besides, now it's Dawn's only normal type.
Leafeon - Yeah, probably. But in that case, they'd have to travel to the Moss Rock, which is away in Eterna City. Unless they change its location.

Croagunk - Yer, I think it's staying as it is.
Blissey - Wouldn't Chansey be an insult to Brock's breeding skills though, considering it evolves by happiness. If it does, I could see it evolving relatively quickley into its final form. Oh, and the Bonsly case makes no sense. Bonsly was caught in the 3rd gen filler saga, introduced to promote Sinnoh. It was revealed much earlier than Happiny, hence why it was taken to 4th gen, and evolved there. Happiny isn't a 5th gen Pokemon, so probably won't be coming to 5th gen land, and therefore would have to evolve between now, and the end of the Battle Frontier.
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