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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by Calypso View Post

Nah, I doubt it, otherwise I'm sure most of Ash's pokemon would have evolved by now.


Pikachu - Done.
Staraptor - Done.
Monferno - Confirmed, and I can't see it evolving into Infernape until the Battle Frontier. Infernape is actually quite likely before Dawn leaves.
Grotle - Paul has Torterra as his main Pokemon. What's wrong with Torterra vs Torterra?
Buizel - I'd actually prefer Floatzel, but I doubt it'll evolve. If it stays even after the season, it'll evolve. Otherwise, no.
Gliscor - Done.

Piplup - Everstone. Could mature a little however, and decide it's ready to evolve. This I'm not sure. >_>
Lopunny - Seems pretty happy. But I doubt the writers take that into account. It should stay, at least until Ash leaves. There's Ash's Pikachu to be with, you know... Unless its personality changes on evolving. If it doesn't evolve, it'll definitely stay.
Pachirisu - Done.
Mamoswine - Done.
Leafeon - Yet to get a grass type, and could parallel May's. Would like her to catch it as a Leafeon though. No more Eevees. Unfortunately, there's a higher chance of it being an Eevee first. >_>

Croagunk/Toxicroak - Could go either way. But its rivalry with Saturn's Toxicroak could indicate it's staying as Croagunk. True. I don't think it'll evolve.
Blissey - Could become somewhat nanny-like and care for the younger Pokemon. Chansey would be enough, but what the heck. Though I doubt it'd evolve until after Dawn leaves. Remember Bonsly?
Sudowoodo - Done.
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