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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by SuperSaiyajin4Gengar View Post
So do you think LV/Exp system works in the anime that causes the evolution?

I always compare the game to the anime about fainting and level up.
Nah, I doubt it, otherwise I'm sure most of Ash's pokemon would have evolved by now.


Pikachu - Done.
Staraptor - Done.
Monferno - Confirmed, and I can't see it evolving into Infernape until the Battle Frontier.
Grotle - Paul has Torterra as his main Pokemon.
Buizel - I'd actually prefer Floatzel, but I doubt it'll evolve.
Gliscor - Done.

Piplup - Everstone. Could mature a little however, and decide it's ready to evolve.
Lopunny - Seems pretty happy. But I doubt the writers take that into account.
Pachirisu - Done.
Mamoswine - Done.
Leafeon - Yet to get a grass type, and could parallel May's. Would like her to catch it as a Leafeon though. No more Eevees.

Croagunk/Toxicroak - Could go either way. But its rivalry with Saturn's Toxicroak could indicate it's staying as Croagunk.
Blissey - Could become somewhat nanny-like and care for the younger Pokemon.
Sudowoodo - Done.
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