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Default Re: Question to christians

Originally Posted by Alonso View Post
Why didn't God just make Abraham's wife fruitful in the first place and avoid the conflicts that exist today?
This has to do with free will. Even though God has the power to change anything he wants in our world, then there is always speculation as to why he doesn't just prove by himself that he is the true God. He could make the very Earth proclaim in his name, send legion upon legion of angels to spread the Gospel, and provide proof that would convince everybody he is the true God. However, he gave us free will. If he did the former exultation, there wouldn't be much glory. Its like being forced to be loved. But love on its own conditions is more powerful and personal, which is why I believe God lets us have freewill, and provides oppurtunities to test our faith.

This is what religion is. Confusion. Division. Believing we are right and everyone else is wrong. Now God is not religion. God is just God.
No, this is not religion. This is human error as a result of sin and of freewill. Religion isn't best defined by the people who worship it. There are thousands of people who claim to be Christians in America, but will denounce the fundamentalist faiths. You can't group people who say they are Christians with the true believers. Yes, there is division in the Church, which I find ridiculous, but that is not a result of God being a God of chaos. You said it yourself, God is just God. He is not the 'embodiment' of religion, but he is the reason for it. You can't be the result and the cause at the same time. You can't be the plane and the pilot, you can't be the water and the drowning person. Religion is a result of God, and God is a cause of religion. Like you said, God is just God.
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