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Default Re: Question to christians

Originally Posted by Snow Fairy Sugar View Post
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Why/how do bodies/institutions/individuals claim to be the middle-men: In other words, linking common man and God? "In order to reach God, you need our permission". Arrogance of some insitutions seem to proclaim that fact. It's almost as if they're trying to patent/copyright it?
Yes the Church says that you must have a priest to be able to confess your sins. However, I went to a Catholic school and in religion class we learned that you dont really need a priest to confess your sins. You can simply pray and ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven if you truly want to be forgiven. However, for mortal sins, you would need the priest to be reconciled. I dont go to church anymore. I have so many doubts about the Catholic church but im not going to go and do what everyone else did, found a new church. That would just be contradicting my beliefs. I do believe in God and Jesus and i dislike the thought of having so many churches around because that only divides us.

The biggest thing that just bothers me, though, is why did God allow the division of his people through Abraham and his two sons? Abraham's wife, Sarah, could not have kids so Sarah ordered Abraham to have a kid with her servant (second wife in Islam). So then we have Ismael. Sarah was unhappy cuz Ismael wasn't really her biological son, so she prayed to God and God made her fruitful. Now Abraham and Sarah have a biological son named Isaac. Isaac would lead to Judaism and later Christianity but Ismael leads to Islam. Why didn't God just make Abraham's wife fruitful in the first place and avoid the conflicts that exist today? It has just occurred to me that because of these events, God's true plan is not known to anyone because it was probably hidden from the public by power-hungry, elitists so that the Israelites and later Christians would be led to believe they are the chosen people and no one else. This is what religion is. Confusion. Division. Believing we are right and everyone else is wrong. Now God is not religion. God is just God.
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